10 Things You Should Know
About Pre Diabetes

Pre diabetes may be an issue for you before you even know that you have it.  Here are 10 things that every people should know about this common condition.

Pre Diabetes Diagnosis

1.    If you have been diagnosed, you are not alone.  According to the U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, approximately 79 million people in the United States are living with prediabetes, and it is estimated that only 7% (or 5.5 million) are even aware of their diagnosis.  That means a whopping 74 million people are wandering around with no clue they have it.  Isn’t that a little unsettling?  I think so.  This begs the question, if there are so many people estimated to have it, why do so few people actually know?  You can find out the startling reason in the symptoms area of this site.

2.    While anyone can develop the condition, your risk is significantly higher if you are an ethnic minority – particularly African American/non-Hispanic Black, Hispanic/Latino American, or American Indian or Alaskan Native.  Add on more risk if you are overweight; have high blood pressure; or have a father, mother or sibling with Type 2 diabetes.  Exactly what are the risk factors?  You might want to check out some of the information on this site to determine where you fit.

3.    The primary cause of pre diabetes is not necessarily due to your genetic makeup, your weight, your ethnicity, or your supposed lot in life.  The primary cause is insulin resistance.  On this site, you will learn what insulin resistance is and how it affects your blood sugar and your internal organs.

4.    A diagnosis does not mean you will eventually develop Type 2 diabetes.  By adopting healthy lifestyle choices, you can vastly reduce your risk.  People who take action have high success in preventing and/or reversing it.

5.    Being diagnosed with this condition can certainly throw anyone for a loop.  Panic, fear, anger, sadness and denial, among other emotions, can be some of the feelings that come after diagnosis.  However, this is a time to really focus and ask important questions.  Which leads me to my point -- do you know what questions to ask your doctor if you’re diagnosed with it?

Healthy Food Choices

6.    Taking action to prevent and/or reverse pre diabetes generally requires a new outlook or enhanced perspectives in three key areas:  eating whole, unrefined foods; moving the body on a regular basis; and reducing stressors that leave you scattered, upset, anxious, exhausted (or all of the above!).

7.    When taking steps to improve your health and vitality, the emotional support of family and friends is priceless.  The more they support you, the better your results.

8.    If you are a spiritual and/or religious person, do not underestimate the power of integrating spiritual practices into your life as a key component of healthy living.  In fact, research indicates that people who do this are generally happier, healthier, recover more quickly, and are better equipped to handle challenging circumstances.

9.    If you are diagnosed with pre diabetes,do not waste precious time and energy on self-defeating thoughts.  A positive focus and starting with small steps every day will bring you to a much healthier, sweeter place.  This is where you want to be!

10.    Most importantly, don’t delay!  The time to act is now.  Pre diabetes prevention (and reversal) is Type 2 diabetes prevention.  Be proud of the role you can play in realizing a healthier world!

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